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Live casino is a good option for some online gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2019-01-06 11:28:04

Into 2019 already and most people are back at work but this is the longest drag of the year before the next holiday so a little light entertainment is required and where better to go than your online casino. Online gambling in Ireland is very popular but sports gambling at this time of the year is very hit and miss due to the weather and how many times have you had a multiple spoiled by a fixture being called off. This is an anomaly of multiple betting. For example if you are gambling online on a five time multiple and one is cancelled you only get your money back if the other four are correct but if one is wrong you get nothing. You will never get any credit for having four selections right. When gambling online at the casino, however, there are no weather disruptions. has heard some Irish casino players say that they distrust the random number generator which is used for most online casino games but there is even an answer to this in the form of live casino. It should be added that any good online casino such as any of those listed on the site will have their random number generators checked on a regular basis by third parties to ensure they are working correctly. It cannot be said categorically that every online casino in the world is as diligent as those listed here but the very fact that the online casinos listed are correctly licensed in an appropriate territory should ensure correct operation.

It is also a fact that online casinos have no need to meddle with the random number generators even if they could because every casino game has a house edge of some sort guaranteeing that given enough players and enough time they will win anyway. This clearly does not mean that everybody loses every time they play and indeed there are Irish casino players that manage to make a reasonable profit by winning most of the time and anybody who hits one of the massive progressive slots jackpots worth several million Euro is unlikely to put it all back even over a lifetime. Live casino could be an option, however, for those still in doubt. Live casino is an option available at most online casinos these days and instead of using a random number generator they use actual dealers who are spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards. The so called live casinos are in fact little more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary roulette and card tables. The rooms can literally be anywhere and are most likely to be in Eastern Europe but never in Ireland. There is one online casino that knows where the live casino is located on the premises of an actual casino in Malta and that is If you are not comfortable with Eastern Europe then go to As well as the tables and dealers the other pieces of equipment need for a live casino are cameras which are used to transmit pictures to your computer or other device. Most online casinos operate equally well on tablets or mobile phones. The pictures which you see at the live casino are quite limited but they will show the movement of the roulette wheel and ball as well as cards actually being dealt as well as the dealer. What you will not see is what other players are doing.

Part of going to an actual casino is watching other people so from this point of view the live casino option of an online casino is lacking. There is also an issue with the number of casino games available at the live casino as they are restricted to those that require a dealer which are roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. Just occasionally, such as at, you may also find Casino Hold’em or even 3 card poker. Some of the favourite casino games played by Irish casino players such as Craps are not available at the live casino options and of course none of the hundreds of casino slots carried by online casinos can be played at the live casino option. You may well find, therefore, that even if you prefer live casino you will still keep playing at the regular online casino. The chances of winning are exactly the same at the live casino as at the regular online casino despite some folk thinking otherwise. There were times when there were bonuses available for new players at live casino even if individuals were already signed up to the regular online casino but these are pretty hard to find these days. is sad to report that one of the favourite online casinos for Irish casino players, All Irish Casino, has been closed down since the beginning of the year. If you are one of the many players who enjoyed playing there recommends registering at Fun Casino, No Bonus Casino, or These online casinos are run by the same people and use a very similar selection of casino software so you should be able to find your favourite casino game again with no trouble. The exact reason for the closure are not known but it is probably simply a part of the evolution of online casinos where new ones come and old ones go. Certainly the three casinos mentioned are all excellent online casinos correctly licensed and operated and have good casino software in use. No Bonus Casino in particular has something unique in a cash back system which may well appeal to some players so it is well worth investigating.

Gambling online is great fun especially at this time of the year and as long as you stay safe, which you will be at any the online casinos selected by, you can have lots of enjoyment and somebody has to win these massive jackpots so why not you? Enjoy your gambling and have a prosperous 2019.