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By mr-gambling on 2019-01-16 13:56:05

Online gambling has brought the excitement of gambling to many people who previously might never or at least very seldom have gambled. Without gambling online the only way would have been to visit the local bookmaker or attend the sporting event. The local bookmaker has made great strides in recent years to become a place that is clean and bright but it is not that many years ago that these were seen as dens of iniquity where a woman would not set foot. Actually the smoking ban has probably had a lot to do with the change as well. Attending a sports event such as a horse racing meeting has always been popular and most will have a flutter while they are there but it is not a cheap pastime. The biggest change, though, has probably been the inclusion of casino gambling into online gambling which was not available in any form in Ireland apart from the few private members clubs. Online casinos have increased in number considerably in recent years as the popularity has increased which is great from one point of view as it gives Irish casino players a greater choice but on the other hand this proliferation increases the chances of rogue online casinos appearing, but by selecting from those online casinos listed at it is easy to avoid the rogues. Even though the casino games available are ever expanding there is no substitute for playing at an actual casino which is why many Irish casino players will visit a casino when out of the country. The best there is on offer at an online casino is the live casino option.

The live casino option at online casinos is generally not a casino at all but rather a specially equipped room, which can be anywhere, with the necessary tables and of course actual dealers. The good things about live casino are that you can see the roulette wheel being spun and the cards dealt and there is the chance to chat with the dealer if you so wish. The downside compared to an actual casino is that you still cannot see what other players are doing and for many players that is part of the fun. It is not totally clear why some Irish casino players prefer to play live casino rather than the regular online casino but one theory is that all regular online casinos use a Random Number Generator to determine the next card or number on the roulette wheel which can be manipulated. There is absolutely no need to distrust an RNG which is properly checked as are those at all online casinos recommended by, they provide as much randomness as shuffling a deck of cards and dealing. It is nevertheless a fact of life that when losing something has to blamed and the RNG is an easy target. Statistically there is no difference in your chances of winning at the live casino option with real dealers or at the regular RNG casino. One of the other drawbacks of live casino gambling is the restricted variety of casino games. Live casino has only those casino games that actually require a dealer or croupier which means games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean stud or Casino hold’em. If you restrict your online gambling to casino slots you are never going to end up at the live casino option as there are no slots there. Despite this apparent restricted number of games there are online casinos such as that have a huge variety of different blackjack games or roulette games. They are of course all based on the original game but each has a slightly different twist. is top of the recommended list of online casinos at not only because of the range of games at the live casino option but also because of the range and quality of casino slots available. This is achieved by using multiple casino software providers on the same site. Online casino do not write their own gambling software and haven’t done for many years so instead they lease or rent the software from specialist companies. As an aside, this also explains why you may well see the same casino sot at different online casinos as they are simply using the same casino software provider for their games. is slightly different in that it uses software from Amatic Industries amongst others which is not yet used in great numbers. Amatic Industries is a relatively new player to online casino gambling although not a new player at all to casino slots. Many of the slots that you may have played in clubs or casinos will have been developed by Amatic but until recently the games were not online. It is believed that was the first online casino to go with Amatic to introduce some their most popular slots into the online world. Many of the Amatic slots are simpler than others at online casinos so take for example Hot 81™ which is a simple four reel slots which still uses fruit and bar symbols. They can generally be found under the slots tab rather than the video slots tab. The advantage of these casino slots is that they are much easier to follow so not only can you see that you have won but you can easily see how it happened which in many of the more complicated slots is not possible.

These slots by Amatic are worth investigating if you like the idea of seeing what is going on but uses many of the smaller casino software suppliers such as SG Digital or ELK as well so there is bound to be an interesting slot out there somewhere. There is never a bad time to register with but right now there is not only a 100% deposit matching bonus on your first and second deposits but this month they have introduced a cash back program if you lose which has got to be worth looking at.