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Is motor racing gambling about to enter a new era

By mr-gambling on 2014-02-07 11:58:21

After two years of total domination of F1 motor racing by Sebastion Vettel and his Red Bull team motor racing gambling fans may be anticipating a much more open season this year if the initial testing sessions are anything to go by. Granted it may be too early to draw any real clues as to the destination of this season’s titles, but the engine new rules certainly seem to have caused a problem for the Red Bull team. There is no doubt that sports gambling is at its most exciting when the outcome of any contest is in doubt, and fans of gambling on motor racing have seen very little of that scenario over recent years. The new rules were introduced in an attempt to improve the sport’s green credentials and save fuel, which has meant switching from the well tried and tested 2.4 litre V8 engines to a complicated combination of 1.6 litre turbo charged engines and battery packs. This change has not been universally welcomed however, with Bernie Ecclestone apparently not only furious at the debacle of first testing, but also the loss of the familiar high pitched screech of the old F1 cars which he considers one of the foremost appeals of F1 racing with the fans. Time will tell whether these concerns translate into a drop in popularity of F1 among motor racing gambling enthusiasts, but for the moment at least all the teams using the new Renault engine appear to be in trouble. Fortunately for the sport both Mercedes and Ferrari appear to have developed more reliable engine systems, so are F1 gambling fans about to see a resurgence in the fortunes of McLaren and Williams both of which use the Mercedes engines and both having had a number of lean years. If we are about to see a more open F1 racing season perhaps more general sports gambling fans will return to following the sport of F1 racing in spite of the lack of noise, we can only wait and see.