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Irish rugby gambling fans may be cheering a six-nations win

By mr-gambling on 2014-03-15 10:30:38

This weekend sees the possibility that Irish rugby gambling fans could be cheering a six-nations rugby championship win for Ireland, provided of course that they can beat France in Paris. Sports gambling fans who have been following this season’s championship games will know that there are now just three teams with a chance of becoming the 2014 champions, and that Ireland’s huge win over Italy last weekend has boosted their points difference to a massive 81 points, 49 points ahead of England. The six-nations rugby tournament, as any sports gambling fan with a love of gambling on rugby will tell you has always had the capacity to throw up some surprising results and this year’s championship has again been very close. In fact 2014 could well be the second year in a row that the eventual winners are decided on points difference. For that to happen of course Ireland must first of all beat France in Paris, and as every rugby gambling enthusiast will know home advantage is often the deciding factor in the six-nations so that in itself is a tough task in spite of the apparent fragility of the French side over recent games. England could of course also spoil the party with a big victory over Italy in Rome. At least Irish sports gambling fans will know what Ireland have to do before they kick off in Paris because the England game will already be over. Irish rugby gambling fans will also know that a championship win for Ireland this year would have added significance for one of their heroes of the game, Brian O’Driscoll. Today’s match in Paris will his last game in an Irish shirt and will be a very emotional occasion for all Irish rugby fans. Let’s hope he can go out on a high with not only a win in Paris but also a championship title.