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Improve your chances when blackjack gambling

By mr-gambling on 2015-12-18 09:32:15

Some say that blackjack is the greatest casino gambling game ever which may or may not be true but it has certainly been around for a very long time and is as popular at online casinos as it ever was in land based casinos. Gambling on blackjack is very simple as there are only two decisions that need to be made which is whether to draw a card or hold the ones you have. In the casino game of pontoon you will often hear the terms stick or twist which is basically the same thing but pontoon is a different gambling game with slightly different rules so do not confuse the two. When blackjack gambling the idea is to beat the dealers hand; do not get sucked into believing that the idea is to get as close to 21 as possible without busting (going over 21) as this can cause unnecessary losses. You can win on any number in your hand as long as you beat the dealer and the added advantage when gambling on blackjack is that you know what the dealer is going to do. The dealer is always going to draw cards to 17 or more and then hold whether you are gambling online or in the casino. The only advantage that the dealer has when you play blackjack is that you play first and if you bust you lose no matter what happens or might have happened afterwards.  Remember also that there is as much chance of the dealer going bust as you going bust so if you think that might happen then avoid busting by holding at a lower number; you can hold on any number and if the dealer busts you win. Online gambling at blackjack can be a very lucrative experience if you keep your wits about you; there is no guarantee of winning but you can improve your chances.