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Gambling on the GAA sports is specifically Irish

By mr-gambling on 2013-02-12 10:19:44

It is probably fair to assume that most visitors to this site will be Irish residents who are interested in online gambling. Nowadays most of the well known bookmakers operate online gambling sites which enable us to satisfy our love of sports gambling and also give us the opportunity to try casino gambling on the same site. We regularly feature potential sports gambling opportunities on this site, usually dependent on whether specific sports are in season and their level of popularity. Currently for instance rugby is providing fascinating gambling opportunities due to the Six Nations, and of course football seems to always dominate the headlines whatever time of year it is. Sports gambling in Ireland does however have something very special which is almost entirely confined to Irish sports gambling enthusiasts. We refer of course to the GAA sports of Gaelic football and Hurling, both of which have a huge following at this time of year and provide gambling opportunities in abundance for Irish sports gambling fans. The rest of the world, with the exception of America of course, often seems fixated by just one sport, namely football, and although gambling on football is a popular activity in Ireland along with horse racing, we are lucky to have exciting alternatives in the form of our GAA sports. Both Paddy Power and Ladbrokes feature Gaelic football and Hurling prominently in their online sports gambling books and of course at their betting shops. The GAA sports are part of our tradition and we should support them as much as we can, but they are also superbly entertaining and gambling on the GAA sports should remain a feature of the Irish sports gambling scene.