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Gambling on motor racing is not confined to F1

By mr-gambling on 2014-09-15 12:15:46

One of the most fascinating things that we here at have seen over the past few years is how sports gambling has changed both here in Ireland and probably throughout the world. Not many years ago sports gambling fans were restricted to visiting their local high street betting shop where they would undoubtedly find all the information on gambling on horse racing, or football but very little else. Nowadays with online sports gambling sites available to most people in their own home, or even more recently on their mobile phones, the choice of sports and the gambling options has dramatically increased. Log on to any online sports gambling site and you will find a long list of sports to choose from. Motor racing for example has been a popular sport for many years among ardent petrol heads, but gambling on motor racing has now become far more popular simply due to increased access to the relevant information. Even the sport of motor racing itself has expanded worldwide as a result of modern media attention and coverage. The most high profile form of motor racing is of course Formula One racing, which continues to reach new destinations in spite of the costs involved in staging a race, and gambling on F1 motor racing clearly grows as the sport develops. Real motor race gambling enthusiasts do not simply follow F1 however, motor racing has many different formats. Track racing fans are also likely to follow the NASCAR series in America for example, or sports car racing such as Le Mans. Motor cycle racing is also a big draw for fans of gambling on motor racing, as of course is rallying for those who prefer the excitement of seeing cars similar to their own being thrown around off-road courses. Sports gambling fans who enjoy motor racing now have much greater choice because of the availability of online gambling sites.