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Gambling on cricket is not just a summer pastime

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-09 14:53:10

Sports gambling at this time of year is generally concentrated on football, rugby or of course horse racing, but professional sport is now played almost all year round and thanks to modern technology we are able to watch most major sporting events wherever they are being played in the world. Gambling on cricket for example is now popular all year round, with matches between the major test playing nations seemingly always available. England are currently the number one test playing country in the world, and they are about to start a test series against Pakistan in Dubai, which the bookmakers clearly feel they will win even on pitches which are likely to be more like those found in Pakistan than in England. Ladbrokes currently have England at 10/11 with Pakistan at 5/2. In Perth, Australia are currently taking on India in the third test of the series, and with India already two down can they finally find their form. If cricket gambling is your favourite form of sports gambling then you may be interested in backing India at 3/1. There is also a one day series between South Africa and Sri Lanka due to start on Wednesday, and for many cricket gambling fans this is their most popular form of the game, providing quicker results whilst still retaining the technical skills associated with test cricket. If gambling on cricket is one of your favourite pastimes, there are always gambling opportunities available somewhere in the world, and test matches in particular provide a wide range of in-play gambling options as well as the overall result. Gambling on cricket has not had the best of press recently, but there is no escaping the fact that cricket gambling is still very popular.