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Gambling on boxing has special events

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-28 08:05:54

The popularity of sports gambling in Ireland shows no sign of abating, with horse racing and football still leading the way as our favourite gambling sports. Part of the reason why these two sports are so popular among the sports gambling public is of course the sheer number of potential gambling opportunities these two sports offer, with horse races or televised football matches almost an everyday event. Most gambling fans probably do not want to gamble every day, but they would certainly like to have the opportunity whenever they feel in the mood. Online casino gambling does of course provide the option to gamble whenever we like, but sports gambling fans are not always interested in gambling on casino games. We must also remember that whilst certain sports may not offer the regular gambling opportunities of the big two, each individual event may actually attract far more gambling interest than a regular fixture. Boxing for instance is a prime example of a sport which does not have regular daily or even weekly bouts at the top level, but fans of gambling on boxing will always come out in force for a big fight. Most boxing gambling fans are avid supporters of their sport rather than individual champions, so the definition of a big fight may not be the same as that for a football gambling fan. Two forthcoming boxing events are likely to prove that theory. First there is the professional debut of the 2012 Olympic Super Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua at the O2 Arena on October 5th, a fight which has presumably been arranged to kick-start the career of a potential champion but will nevertheless almost certainly attract a good deal of gambling activity among boxing fans. The second event could also be very special because it will create a bit of history. Following Liam Smith’s victory last Saturday, three of the Smith brothers now hold British boxing titles and on the 7th December at the Liverpool Echo Arena all three will be defending their titles on the same programme. That really will be a night for true fans of gambling on boxing.