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Gambling on 3 card brag does not get the coverage it deserves

By mr-gambling on 2011-06-13 09:14:54

Many card players like the idea of gambling against other players rather than against the casino but there are only limited opportunities to do so but one such game is 3 card brag. Gambling on 3 card brag probably does not get the coverage it deserves and is somewhat overshadowed by poker but it remains an easy game to learn and play and involves bluffing and assessing your hand in the same way as poker but there is a major difference in that stakes are limited according to the table you select. 3 Card brag gambling has been going on since the 16th century and is still extremely popular in India and Nepal; it even made an appearance in the movie “lock stock and two smoking barrels”. We carry a full description of how to play this gambling game on our 3 card brag page so we shall not go into any great detail here but it is a simple game of 3 cards in which there are 2 betting rounds and a draw where as many cards can be changed as you wish. The stakes and raises are fixed and limited by the size of the blinds at the table you have selected so at least you know what your maximum liability can be for any single hand. Another interesting feature of gambling on 3 card brag is the ability to play “blind” which means that you can continue to play without actually having seen your cards and this can be done for half the normal stake; many brag gamblers will do this as there is the opportunity to change all your cards at the draw but it remains a risky strategy. Gambling on 3 card brag can be done with up to 5 other players or head to head which gives another interesting option. Paddy Power casino and BetFred casino offer 3 card brag gambling and it is well worth a try.