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Football has just seen a remarkable sports gambling event

By mr-gambling on 2016-05-04 09:34:53

Everybody knows that when it comes to sports gambling in Ireland horse racing and football stand out as the most popular sports by a very big margin. Some would argue that gambling on football is the biggest form of sports gambling across the whole world such is the widespread popularity of the game, so it is difficult to ignore what has just happened in the English Premier League. Outside of America there is no doubt that football is by far the richest sport across the world and there is plenty of evidence to support the belief that only money will buy success. Anyone studying form as far as football gambling on the Premier League is concerned would not normally look much beyond the usual top four or five clubs, and would certainly not even consider a club which had only just avoided relegation the previous year, so what happened this year and how will it change football and football gambling. By every measure Leicester City are not among the big players in English football let alone European and world football in terms of their financial clout, yet they have managed to win what is supposed to be one of the hardest title of all and do it with games to spare. As with any other form of sports gambling, gambling on football is never easy and there will always be surprise results in any particular game, but for a 5000/1 outsider to win a title over a whole season against some of the richest clubs in the world must rank as one of the biggest upsets in sports gambling history. From what we see and hear from football gambling fans all over the world it is also one of the most popular sporting results ever because it proves that the rich clubs cannot necessarily buy success, and if Leicester can do it why can’t their own clubs follow suit.