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By mr-gambling on 2014-08-10 15:58:15

Everybody knows that gambling in Ireland is part of everyday life and whether that is gambling thousands of Euro on a horse race or a couple of Euro on the lottery it is all classed as gambling. However, what is less obvious to many is that online gambling is on the increase and indeed the choice of gambling online is probably far greater than any other place which brings many new opportunities to your home but of course that also brings with it some of the more unscrupulous elements in life who are looking to take your money. For Irish gamblers however there is which is an online gambling site that offers advice on where you may want to be to enjoy your online gambling to the full without exposing yourself to the dishonest elements. does not actually run any kind of online gambling and neither does it pretend to be any kind of tipster although for some casino gambling games such as blackjack it will help you to understand what you are trying to do which may help you win. has studied several areas of the online gambling market and has come up with a shortlist of online gambling providers which are known to be secure and honest and from which, if you choose one or more, will at least guarantee you a fair deal but it cannot make your horse run faster. Interestingly enough the list of recommendations for sports gambling is different from that for online casino gambling or poker gambling and the reason is that each category of online gambling has different requirements so for example an online casino should have a good range of casino slots and use a well known casino software programme whereas a sports gambling site should have a good statistics area. does not charge for the service so why not follow their advice?