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By mr-gambling on 2013-01-23 17:43:45

One of the most interesting features of any study into gambling habits is the wide variety of opinions as to what constitutes the most enjoyable form of gambling. Although the online bookmakers and casino operators tell us that there is now a genuine crossover between fans of sports gambling and those who prefer online casino gambling, it is difficult to imagine that many sports gambling enthusiasts spend much time playing casino games or that casino gambling fans have more than the occasional flutter on a horse race or football match. The fact is that these two gambling arenas are totally different. Successful sports gambling usually relies on a fairly in depth knowledge of the sport in question, and an opinion as to whether the odds being offered by the bookmaker make gambling a worthwhile proposition. Casino gambling on the other hand, with the exception of games such as poker, generally offers the gambler the same chance of winning whether they have played the game before or not, and the odds are usually fixed according to the statistical chances of a winning bet. Many people would therefore argue that gambling on casino games is the easiest form of gambling and offers the best chance of winning, but it has to be said that this is not an opinion shared by sports gambling fans who really know their sport. What is true is that gambling on casino games does offer the widest choice of gambling options in terms of the risk the gambler chooses to take. Many casino games are simple even money bets, such as Hi/Lo dice games, baccarat and even blackjack all of which are effectively two horse races to use a sporting metaphor. Then there are casino games such as roulette, which offer the player a huge range of potential bets for every spin of the wheel, from even money on Black/Red or Odd/Even to 35/1 on a single number, or indeed a combination of different risk bets spread over the table. Whatever your preference the most important element of any gambling venture is to enjoy the experience and have fun.