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Cricket gambling is a worldwide gambling activity

By mr-gambling on 2015-12-08 09:08:47

Online gambling has enabled sports gambling fans in Ireland to not only follow a much wider range of sports, but also allowed us to get involved in sporting events all over the world. This has meant that sports gambling has expanded beyond our traditional gambling sports such as horse racing and football and now covers some of what were considered to be minor gambling sports. Cricket for example has never been considered to be a major gambling sport in Ireland, and even our players have been forced to go abroad to further their careers in the sport, but this is gradually changing and gambling on cricket is growing in popularity. We should not be particularly surprised of course because cricket gambling is actually the biggest sports gambling activity in some parts of the world, far exceeding any other sport. The sort of money involved in cricket gambling across the world has of course also led to a variety of scandals and accusations regarding match fixing, and the reputation of cricket has taken a bit of a knock as a result, but cricket is a game which is tailor-made as a sports gambling opportunity, particularly since the move towards one day cricket and more recently the introduction of Twenty20 cricket. Ireland have in fact had some success in one day cricket over recent years and still have ambitions to achieve test match status in the world game based on that success, but many believe that test match cricket is on the decline apart from events such as an Ashes series, and that the future of cricket lies in the quicker formats of the game. They may or may not be right but gambling on cricket will undoubtedly continue to be a significant sports gambling activity in whatever format, and shows no signs of decreasing in popularity.