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By mr-gambling on 2011-07-17 11:54:02

One of the favourite pastimes of Irish people is gambling whether that be sports gambling, casino gambling or even simpler forms such as gambling on Bingo or gambling on lotteries and increasingly we are using online gambling to place our bets but as the number of online gamblers increases so does the number of internet companies that offer online gambling making it more difficult to make a choice of which of these companies to use which is where can help. is a specialised portal set up for the Irish gambling market and we try to keep your online gambling safe by only recommending a handful of online gambling providers that we know to be trustworthy and honest. We have on our pages plenty of data about various forms of gambling from sports gambling and casino gambling with pages to cover different sports and different casino games as well as tips about online lotteries, bingo and even financial gambling if you fancy yourself as city high flyer. In addition we carry news of gambling in general from across the world and more specifically from Ireland and we will alert you to upcoming events that provide a gambling opportunity. You may also notice that we recommend what we consider to be the top three or four online gambling sites in the various categories which are not necessarily the same for casino gambling and sports gambling as simply because an operator has a great sports gambling offering does not necessarily mean that their poker gambling or casino gambling offering is as good as others. Some online operators tend to specialise such as Party Casino and Party Poker and whist they also have perfectly good sports gambling available in Party Bets there are more choices to be found at other sites. Take a little time to read the pages at and pick your online gambling provider from our list.