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Casino software is essential for online gambling enjoyment

By mr-gambling on 2018-04-25 10:05:24

When online casinos started in the online gambling world each company would write their own casino software but in those days the casino games which were available were very simple. Online gambling customers were however demanding more and more games with added complexity. It will be obvious to everybody that casino software for a simple game such as Roulette is much more straightforward than casino software for a five reel slot machine with multiple winning lines especially if that casino slot has wilds and free spins and jackpot games. The result of all this was that no one online casino could justify the expense of the development and so the specialised casino software companies were born who would write for several casinos. Today there are a number of casino software suppliers available who compete with each other to gain the attention of the online gambling companies. Companies involved in gambling online used to be involved with the software as well but not anymore as the casino software companies want to have as many customers as possible. If you have ever wondered why one or two online casinos look remarkably similar to each other or carry the same casino games it is simply because they use the same casino software.

There are many casino software companies involved in developing casino games for the online gambling companies but possibly the largest and best known are NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. Interestingly enough being smaller in the online casino software business does not mean inferior in any way just as smaller online casinos are often better than larger ones, it merely means that they have fewer casino games available. This is not an issue either as online casinos often have casino games from a selection of casino software companies together on the same site. As an example All Irish Casino has casino slots from NetEnt, Microgaming and Amatic Industries under the name Amanet. This gives a huge range of casino slots to choose from. Of the three Amanet is the smallest and newest although Amatic has been in the gambling world for many years. The name is lesser known even by slots players who have played their games because they were focussed on the cabinet style slot machines found in clubs and the name of the supplier rarely appears or if it does then in a less than obvious location. When you open a casino slot at your favourite online casino however the name of the supplier is the first thing you see. After many years Amatic decided to bring their more popular slots into the online world and All Irish Casino was one of the first to pick up on them and use their software in combination with the others. Adding Amanet casino games was a good idea for the online casino as it added a selection of simpler casino slots that are easy to follow which many players prefer.

It is difficult to pick a favourite amongst the casino software suppliers as people tend to have their favourite games and if your favourite casino game is roulette or blackjack then there is little difference between the software. When it comes to casino slots however there are big differences. Some online gambling devotees are what are known as jackpot chasers. These people keep tabs on the size of the jackpot at various games and play those with the largest one. Other players have a favourite slot which they always play regardless of jackpot size or it might not have a jackpot at all. There are also those for whom playing an online casino slot is a source of amusement so they will look around at different casino slots and try them out to see what fun they are. NetEnt has some great casino slots for the fun lovers and All Irish casino provides free play so that they can be tried without risking your cash. One of those is called Gonzo’s Quest™ which is sort of Aztec themed slot with intrepid explore Gonzo seeking gold in darkest Peru. Well, actually helping you search for gold coins. Gonzo spends most of his time standing by the side of the slot symbols scratching his beard and grunting but gets excited when a big win is triggered and if you manage to trigger free spins he really gets excited and escorts you through to a separate game where all wins are trebled. Get a really big win and off comes the helmet to help gather all the gold coins which are cascading over the top of the game. Gambling online like this is fun as well as possibly profitable.

Another casino slot from the same software supplier and carried also at All Irish Casino is Jack Hammer™. There is also a Jack Hammer 2™ which has a different theme but the play style is the same. Jack Hammer™ has a feature called Sticky Wins™ which is a bit like a permanent automatic hold. If three or more matching symbols appear on a winning line they are held an all other symbols are spun again. This is not a regular five reel slot where if you hold three symbols there are only two reels left to spin, the casino software is such that all fifteen visible symbols on the screen can move independently so if three are held twelve can be spun again which give a much better chance of improving on the original win. The hold is not a one off as it will continue as long as the win is being improved. When no further improvement is made the highest win is paid out. Using this system even a small win can quickly turn into something quite substantial. There is also a free spins game where all wins are tripled and although it takes five or more free spins symbols to activate the free spins symbols themselves are subject to the Sticky Wins™ feature which means that even three will be held while the rest are spun again to try and reach the required number.