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Casino software controls your casino gambling pleasure

By mr-gambling on 2018-08-23 11:42:03

Online gambling is completely reliant on software and the better the software is then the better the experience should be when gambling online. Many online bookmakers have their own software for sports gambling and indeed Paddy Power have recently introduced a whole advertising campaign to promote their software writers who have supposedly come up with something super fast. There is however a major difference between sports gambling software and casino software in that no online bookmaker writes their own casino gambling software. Even the larger companies such as Paddy Power casino use casino software written by specialist companies. The existence of these casino software writing companies makes the online casino world very interesting as it means that online casinos do not need to employ an army of software people as they can simply buy or lease software which in turn makes entry into the market much more simple. This also explains why there are far more online casinos than there are online sports gambling companies. It also means that the larger online casinos have no advantage over the smaller online casinos as they are all using the same casino software and therefore offering the same casino games. There are, of course, quite a few companies who specialise in casino software and generally their names are not well known.  There are both large and small companies involved with the larger ones being Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Some online casinos choose to use one casino software exclusively and if they do that then it will probably be one of those three but there are other online casinos such as All Irish Casino that choose to use a number of different casino software suppliers both large and small which gives the casino player a much broader choice.

Online casino gambling has therefore become very different from sports gambling as it is often the smaller specialised online casinos that offer the widest choice of casino games. Another advantage for the casino player is that they can find their favourite casino game or casino slot at different online casinos so the online casinos need to find something else to differentiate them from the rest. Many online casinos seem to think that once they have attracted a new player they will stay loyal rather than looking around which is why they offer significant joining bonuses which are for new players only. Others do not agree and think that all players are valuable and therefore offer promotions for all players. Take for example an online casino which is a bit of a favourite of called No Bonus Casino. The name rather gives away what they are up to but they simply say that nobody gets a bonus. Of course there needs to be something else behind it and there is in the form of cash back if you lose. Yes you did read that correctly. No Bonus Casino will give you cash back if you lose under certain circumstances. In simple terms if you make a deposit into your online casino account and manage to lose it all on the same day by gambling on any of the casino games on site then 10% will be refunded into your account the very next day. This is not a special offer for new players; it is available to all players on every deposit they make into their account. An additional benefit to this offer is that the cash back is not restricted in any way, it is yours to do with what you want which even includes withdrawing it.

No Bonus Casino also uses a great range of casino software both from the larger suppliers such as NetEnt ad MIcrogaming as well as slightly smaller ones such as Amatic Industries so you can play well known casino slots which are the same as anywhere else and still cash back if you lose. Each software company writing casino gambling software seems to have its own character with Microgaming being well known for huge jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah™ whereas NetEnt is possibly better known for having fun slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ while still having large progressive jackpot slots such as Arabian NIghts™ and Hall of Gods™. Gonzo’s Quest™ is certainly one of the favourites in the casino gambling line up at as it features a character called Gonzo who is an explorer in deepest Peru looking for gold. The whole slot has a sort of Aztec theme with the symbols looking like hieroglyphics carved onto stone blocks but Gonzo is always on the lookout for a big win. He spends most of the time standing around scratching his beard but is quite willing to break into dance when a large win arrives or even remove his tin hat and help you scoop up the gold coins when a really large win happens. This is the sort of fun that casino software like NetEnt brings to casino gambling.

An even funnier casino slot is Birds on a Wire™ which is brought to online casinos by a small casino software company called Thunderkick. In this one there are rather unusual looking birds sitting on high voltage wires and when a winning line is achieved with matching symbols, those birds are electrocuted and disappear in a puff of feathers. Do not worry about cruelty as these birds bear no resemblance to any real birds with some of them being so fat that flying would be impossible and one which even manages to get round with a paper bag covering it  entirely.

Casino software can be great fun and adds considerably to the entertainment of online casinos so even if you are a regular casino player it is always worthwhile taking a look around other online casinos to see if their casino software is any different and don’t get sucked in by joining bonus offers. There might just be better promotions available at one or two of the smaller online casinos and they might also look after you better.