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Online casino gambling and sports gambling on the rise in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2018-04-09 15:19:56

There has been a lot of noise recently from bookmakers about the amount of money they would lose if the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the UK were restricted to a £2 stake instead of £100 which it has been for a long time. As it happens it looks like a compromise has been reached for the £100 to be reduced to £30 which probably pleases nobody but that is what compromise is. The issue here is supposed to be problem gambling where visitors to the bookmaker can spend a lot of money and get themselves into trouble. The strange thing about this however is that here in Ireland where we do not have these FOBTs anybody can spend far more gambling online and it does not appear to be any more of a problem than in the UK. could even advance the theory that online gambling is more dangerous than FOBTs as to play those machines in a bookmaker you need cash but online gambling can be done on credit so is possibly more open to problem gambling. discourages online gambling on credit unless you are sure that you are not exceeding what you can afford to pay back when required. The issue is more associated with casino gambling as the casino games played are often roulette or similar but of course problems can also arise by placing wagers that cannot be afforded on sports gambling as well. Most online casinos have gambling games with relatively small wagers such as at All Irish Casino where roulette can be played at the low limit table for as little as €0.10 but it can also be played at the high limit tables for anything up to €100 on a single number. There is however nothing stopping you from placing several bets of €100 on the same spin.

One of the newer online casinos called Fun Casino takes gambling online within limits very seriously and encourages new casino players to set limits at the very beginning of the relationship with the casino. The option is actually available at all online casinos but it is not necessarily taken up but at Fun Casino if you do not set your own limits then the standard limits per day, week and month will apply. You do have access to your account to set your own limits later which can be deposit limits, wagering limits, bet limits within a time period, time spent at the casino or even a total exclusion for 7 days, 1 month or 6 months. Limits can be reduced immediately but increased limits will only be activated after one week to prevent irrational action at a time of high stress. Fun Casino is certainly one of the better casinos when it comes to players staying out of trouble. That aside Fun Casino is an excellent online casino which uses a combination of well known casino software such as NetEnt and Amatic Industries, is correctly licensed both by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission and outs customers first in many ways. An example of this is that withdrawal of winnings will be processed within 24 hours on working days as long as the relevant information is held by the casino. Your first withdrawal might take a little longer while this information is provided. In addition Fun Casino is modern in that it can be played on any of your devices including your mobile phone so you are no longer restricted to your PC. You might even make a fortune travelling home from work on the bus which would be good.

Online casino gambling in Ireland is certainly on the increase as more and more people realise the convenience of being able to gamble from the comfort of their own home and unlike sports gambling where you have to wait for the result of the sporting event, casino gambling is instantaneous. This is probably one of the most important factors as even with casino games such as Bingo you have to wait until the game starts and then again until somebody wins. When casino gambling on the other hand you can play when you want to and you know whether you have won or lost within seconds and can then place further bets if you wish. Our world is generally becoming more and more instant and online casinos are definitely instant. Casino gambling sites are also providing more and more casino games for our enjoyment especially but not exclusively in the area of casino slots. Those casino slots are becoming more and more sophisticated with new graphics and more complicated winning lines as casino software advances are incorporated into the games. Some casino slots even no longer have five reels but instead show fifteen independent symbols which although appearing in five columns of three, or three rows of five depending on how you want to look at it, can be replaced on an independent basis. This gives an element of freedom which is particularly useful when it comes to holding symbols. When gambling on a regular five reel slot, holding three symbols means holding three reels which leaves only two reels free to come up with an increased win. When gambling on slots with independent symbols however holding three of them leaves twelve which can be replaced which clearly provides a better chance of a further match. Casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ are good examples of this type of operation and both are from the casino software supplier NetEnt which means that they can be found at a number of the online casinos recommended at including All Irish Casino and Fun Casino. Both are great casino slots but Gonzo’s Quest™ is particularly fun with the intrepid explorer Gonzo taking a special interest in what is happening from scratching his beard when nothing is going on to dancing and spinning his helmet when you strike it big. A really big win such as those often achieved in the free spins mode will cause gold coins to cascade over the top of the stone blocks whereupon Gonzo will remove his helmet and try to gather them up for you.