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Casino gambling now includes numbers games such as Keno

By mr-gambling on 2014-01-12 13:21:56

Trading updates from the major retailers over the Christmas period again showed that more of us are shopping online than ever before. That trend is equally true when applied to our gambling habits, with all the major bookmakers reporting that our sports gambling and our casino gambling online continues to grow. The rise in popularity of online sports gambling is probably mostly due to convenience, but the growth of online casino gambling has also been driven by the increasing number of casino gambling games available online. This is particularly true of the quick and simple gambling games such as the slots and numbers games they offer. The online casino gambling sites have also taken advantage of our fascination for Bingo and the Lotteries by offering us gambling games such as Keno. If you are one of many who may not have tried Keno gambling, it is best described as a cross between bingo and the lottery. Players are asked to select up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80 in the hope that they will match as many as possible with twenty numbers drawn randomly by the RNG. Winnings depend on both the number of matching numbers and the number of selections made. For instance, if a player selects only ten numbers the chances of getting five matching numbers is clearly less than getting five from twenty, so the winnings for five from ten are greater than five from twenty. It sounds complicated but the online Keno graphics clearly show the changes in potential winnings as more selections are made, allowing Keno gambling fans to choose their own degree of risk. There is no doubt that gambling on Keno is great fun and if you enjoy the idea of choosing your own potential winning odds it is the gambling game for you. Why not give Keno a try.