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Casino gambling getting easier than ever

By mr-gambling on 2019-04-28 14:24:16

Gambling has always been popular in Ireland and online gambling has made it easier than ever to join in. Before gambling online was available the only real way to place a bet on the horses or the dogs was to visit the local bookmaker and those were often not particularly attractive places which kept many people away. This is especially true of the female population and even today there are those who would not set foot in a bookmaker despite them having improved their image substantially. With online gambling, however, there is no need to even leave the home which explains the large increase in sports gambling. There is though another side to online gambling which was previously not available at all and that is casino gambling. Ireland was and is still not well served with casinos so anyone who is interested in casino gambling has to do it online but fortunately there is plenty of choice of online casinos so to find one should not be difficult. One of the issues, of course, is to make sure that the online casino you find is an honest well run place and there are ways of determining that but not everybody is aware of them which is where comes in. As well as recommending sports gambling sites, has also done the research into online casino gambling and has come up with a shortlist of just three which they think offer the best entertainment. There are of course other online casinos that are perfectly honest and well run and they can be found under the casino tab so by choosing any of those you should be in good hands.

The three recommended all have their own strengths. was created to bring the casino games from casino software company Amatic Industries into the online gambling world. Amatic have been creating casino games for many years and have some very popular titles but have previously concentrated on offline casinos only so you may well have come across them in your local club but they might still not be known as games from Amatic. With the creation of all that has changed and many of these great casino slots are now available online. Of particular interest seem to be the slots which are simpler in operation. Many casino slots these days have multiple winning lines and different patterns of winning lines making it pretty much impossible for a player gambling online to work out what has won and what not. Of course the casino software works it all out for you but there are players who like to see it for themselves. Amatic, operating under the name Amanet have several slots which have limited winning lines and limited symbols and even in some cases just three reels which makes it all very easy to follow. Even the five reel slots can be simpler such as All Ways Fruits™ where symbols anywhere on the reels count towards a win as long as they run from left to right and the symbols are limited to fruits and bars. This means there are no fancy patterns which you need to remember and of course there is no need to select the number of lines to play as you get them all every time making online casino gambling simple. Although started with Amatic games exclusively the casino has now expanded to include casino software from others including the very well known NetEnt. takes security very seriously and has all data encrypted which includes the personal data which you are required to submit to open an account. Even the physical servers are not accessible to non authorised persons. The casino games at this online casino (apart from the live casino) run using an RNG which is checked regularly by external auditors. The live casino option comes from an actual casino building in Malta although not the actual casino floor and there is a second option for when the land based casino is closed. Look out for the special promotions at which generally occur on Sundays and include free spins on different casino slots each week.

Second on the casino gambling list is No Bonus Casino which was developed in recognition that many Irish casino players were disappointed in the casino bonuses on offer from most other online casinos.  Firstly these bonuses are more often than not targeted at new players only so if you happen to be an existing player then tough luck. No Bonus Casino thinks that this is unreasonable and therefore has a promotion which is available to everybody all the time. The other obvious drawback of regular casino bonuses is that although players can gamble for longer than without the bonus it is quite difficult to actually get your hands on any of the cash. This is because of the terms and conditions which demand that you stake the bonus money 40 times on certain casino games. Those casino gambling games considered low risk by casino operators such as Blackjack or Roulette are either not eligible to count towards the requirement at all or if they are then for a very small percentage. Again No Bonus Casino thinks this is unreasonable. The result is that No Bonus Casino does not give bonuses to anyone but instead gives cash back if players lose.  This might sound remarkable but it is a fact and it is fairly simple in operation. Should a player make a deposit into their online casino account and manage to lose it all on the same day by playing any of the casino games on the site then 10% will be refunded as cash the very next day. This really is cash as there are no restrictions on what you can do with it. There are no terms and conditions which say that it must be staked again but you could if you so wished but on the other hand you can simply withdraw the cash. This really is a remarkable promotion for any kind of online gambling. The casino is, of course, correctly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and has loads of promotions going on a monthly basis.