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Casino gambling can be even more fun at a smaller online casino

By mr-gambling on 2017-02-28 17:14:34

There are probably more people taking part in online gambling than there are people who gamble but are not online. There is a difference of course between sports gambling and casino gambling as nearly all people who use the bookmakers shops are sports gambling whereas virtually all the casino gambling is done online. The number of Irish casino players online is far in excess of  the number who gamble at card clubs and the like so it is no surprise that online casinos have done a lot to cater for this demand by offering more and more variations in the casino games that they offer as well as differences in the way that players are treated. The online casino business is very competitive these days and the choice of online casinos, particularly for Irish casino players, is large. There are those who prefer to stick with the names with which they are familiar such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes both of which have perfectly satisfactory online casinos and superb online sports gambling sites but you might just be missing out on a few things by not investigating other online casino sites.

One of those sites is All Irish Casino or which is not only a specialised online casino site but is aimed specifically at the Irish casino player who enjoys  the fun of online casino gambling as well as trying to make money at the same time. All Irish Casino caters for this need by offering some casino games and casino slots in particular that cannot be found at the big two previously mentioned. It is of course all down to the casino software which is in use and All Irish Casino has chosen to use NetEnt casino software alongside Microgaming to provide a broader range. Microgaming has a number of the progressive jackpot slots with jackpots running into the millions of Euro whilst Netent tends to offer casino slots which are more fun based but nevertheless provide a good chance of winning. By combining the two All Irish Casino seems to have a winning formula with new players joining all the time. There are a couple of slots which spring to mind to illustrate this point and one of them is called Gonzo’s Quest™. This slot is based in Peru and features Aztec symbols carved onto rocks but instead of having the regular five reels the blocks are arranged in five columns with each column being three blocks high but what makes it really different is that any of the fifteen blocks can be replaced independently from the others. In regular slots gambling reels can be held but then all symbols on that reel are held whether they are useful or not which is not the case when gambling on the slot Gonzo’s Quest™. When a win of any sort is triggered on Gonzo’s Quest™ the rocks with the winning symbols explode. If there was a rock above the exploding one then that drops down to take its place and any gaps are then filled with new rocks. While this is happening a win multiplier ticks over to 2X and if the new arrangement results in a further win it is paid out at double the face value of that win. This is in addition to the original win but is not the end of the story as a second win causes the win multiplier to move to 3X and again winning blocks are replaced. There is no limit to the number of successive wins which can be achieved but the maximum win multiplier in this game stage is 5X.

There is a further game stage which is the free spins mode which is actually called free falls which can be reached by having three  free falls symbols. The wall of blocks will at this point slide aside and Gonzo will escort you up the golden staircase to another set of blocks where the win multiplier starts at 3X and successive wins move it up to 15X the face value of the win. There is no jackpot as such with this casino slot but free falls with the multiplier can be very rewarding indeed. A big win will also encourage Gonzo to take off his helmet and help you collect the gold coins falling from the wall. As slots gambling goes this is a very entertaining slot.

Another slightly different casino slot at the All Irish online casino is called Jack Hammer™ and this also uses the feature of fifteen independent symbols but in a slightly different way. This casino slot is gangster based and it features what are known as Sticky Wins™. The feature is always active and what happens is that any winning symbols are held instead of being replaced and all non winning symbols are replaced. This will invariably result in the win being improved and although there is no win multiplier the holding continues until the win is no longer improved which can take several spins. The highest win or wins is then paid out. Once again there are wilds and free spins symbols. Free spins are achieved by having a minimum of five free spins symbols but they can anywhere on the screen and just three of them is enough to trigger the sticky wins features this providing plenty of chance to reach the required five symbols. All wins in free spins mode are tripled so again it can be very lucrative.

These are just a couple of examples where trying something different in your online casino gambling can be very entertaining. There are a number of smaller online casinos listed at for the benefit of Irish casino players and they are all correctly licensed and operated so just because they are smaller companies than the likes of Paddy Power or Ladbrokes does not mean they are any less professional and in fact there is a good chance that you might find a friendlier approach suiting you more than just being number. Look out also for mid week bonuses at all Irish Casino as they do tend to come up with new offers.