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Casino gambling at the live casino option can be good

By mr-gambling on 2019-06-23 14:31:12

Online gambling in Ireland is extremely popular as it saves what used to be a regular trip to the bookmaker. This was both time consuming and unpleasant in adverse weather conditions. Many years ago when not everybody had a computer or broadband speeds were very slow the bookmakers were still busy. Today, however, it is so easy to participate in gambling online that many folk simply do not go to the bookmaker at all. It is not even necessary to have a computer as all gambling can be done with a tablet or smart phone. This in turn means that there is not even the need to be at home as an internet connection is all that is needed. All of this has made sports gambling more convenient but it has also introduced casino gambling to a totally new audience. Even today, there are many Irish people who have never been to an actual casino as there are none in the country. This is a shame as there is a lot of fun to be had watching other people as well as gambling yourself. The nearest thing to a real casino that online casinos can offer is the live casino option.

What is live casino?

Live casino is an option offered by all online casinos as an alternative to their regular casino games. The difference is that normal online casino gambling games are controlled by a random number generator or RNG for short. This RNG is responsible for determining the next card to be dealt or the next number on the roulette wheel. In live casino there is an actual dealer who deals the cards or spins the roulette wheel. As far as results are concerned there should be no difference between the two methods as long as the RNG is producing random results. Good online gambling companies such as those listed at ensure the randomness by having regular inspections. These inspections are carried out by third parties. The dealer at a live casino option can be located anywhere but Eastern Europe seems to be a popular place for them. By having strategically placed cameras in the location all of the activity can be streamed directly to your device. This enables you to see what is happening as in a regular casino.

Why use live casino?

Despite all the assurances about random number generators there are those who have a natural distrust of them. Online gambling could not work without them and they are used in many other applications as well. There is no way an online casino could actually adjust the results of the RNG even if they wanted to but still there are doubters. This doubt particularly comes to the fore when a player is having a losing run but never when having a winning run. Another point to think about is that online casinos have no need to change anything as a random result will result in the house winning. Every casino gambling game has a small margin in favour of the house. Given enough players and enough time this margin will ensure the house wins. For any individual in any online gambling session it is of course possible to win and win big. If you have reservations about an RNG then the live casino is the place to do your gambling.

Limitations of live casino

One of the great things about an actual casino is the atmosphere. Watching players win and lose and how they react to it is nearly as much fun as gambling yourself. When people play for huge stakes it is tempting to wonder where the money comes from. Unfortunately in live casino play at an online casino there is no possibility to watch other people. From that point of view there is no difference between live casino and regular online casino play. There is however a chance to live chat with the dealer.

Why not to use live casino?

There is no real reason not to use live casino but it depends on which of the casino gambling games you play. Not all casino games are available at the live casino option. The popular online gambling games such as roulette and blackjack will always be available at the live casino but others such as Craps will not be. It is basically only games which require a dealer that is available at the live casino. This means that casino slots will not be present. Given that slots are possibly the most played gambling games at online casinos there will be many for whom live casino has no attraction. For low stakes players there could be an issue of minimum stakes as they are often higher in live casino than in regular casino play.

Choice of live casino

As all online casinos offer a live casino option most Irish casino players will simply use the option where they are already registered. The more discerning might object to having a dealer based in some Eastern European country or object to a lack of control of the English language. No Bonus Casino could be the answer for those as the live casino is based in Malta. Not only is that live casino in Malta but it is in an actual casino building in Malta. The Portomaso Casino in Malta is one of the largest on the island and the dealers are extremely well trained. English is also the second official language so everybody is very capable. It would be great if the live casino were streamed from the actual casino floor but of course privacy rules prevent this. This live casino is only operated during casino opening hours which is good enough for most people but there is an alternative available for other times.

When gambling online, casino games can be played either at the live casino option or at the regular online casino. The choice is yours but the casino games on offer might be the restricting factor that keeps you at the regular casino.