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Caribbean stud gambling with a jackpot game

By mr-gambling on 2014-11-12 13:26:50

Caribbean stud poker or simply Caribbean stud is an interesting online casino gambling game where the object is to get a better 5 card poker hand than the dealer. There is no bluffing in Caribbean stud and the stakes are controlled by the casino player which makes it an ideal gambling game for new poker players to learn the value of different hands. Not all online casinos have the same versions of Caribbean Stud and indeed at Ladbrokes casino the game is called Cyberstud Poker although Paddy Power casino and other online casinos such as All Irish Casino or No Bonus casino have the same game so if you are considering Caribbean stud gambling you will need to make a choice. The difference in the two versions of Caribbean stud lies in the payouts and the jackpots Ladbrokes online casino for example has no jackpot game but the payouts for hands is generally higher than at the others so for example a winning hand of three of a kind at All Irish casino pays at odds of 3:1 but at Ladbrokes it is 4:1 but where there are jackpot games the payout is higher than for the regular hand. For example a flush in the regular game pays at odds of 5:1 but the jackpot bet pays at 25:1 which is quite a difference. Another point to consider when choosing where to do your Caribbean stud gambling is that in the regular game in order for you to get paid at the odds quoted the dealer must have a qualifying hand whereas the jackpot odds are paid regardless of whether the dealer has a qualifying hand or not. There is nothing worse when gambling on Caribbean stud to have a great hand and not get paid so although casino gambling is simple sometimes you have to choose.