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Caribbean stud gambling is very easy

By mr-gambling on 2016-01-27 16:04:42

Online gambling at an online casino is very popular with many Irish people but most of them seem to stick to the gambling games that they know well such as Roulette or Blackjack and of course casino slots but there is much more to gambling at an online casino than that as there is a great variety of games and one of those which is simple to play is Caribbean stud or Caribbean stud poker to give it it’s full name. It is maybe the name poker which puts many people off gambling on Caribbean stud but in truth this gambling game has little to do with the poker gambling we see on TV, in fact it is only the fact that the idea is to have a poker hand of 5 cards. Caribbean stud gambling is a game played against the house so there are only two hands dealt and there is no bluffing or changing of cards and the only person who can raise the stakes is the player. Caribbean stud gambling starts with the player placing an ante bet which is within the table limits, the cards are then dealt but only one of the dealer cards is visible and based on your own hand and the single card of the dealer the player you must decide whether to continue gambling or not. Should you decide to continue gambling on Caribbean stud then you must place an additional bet which is equal to twice the original ante bet after which the dealer cards are turned and the best hand wins and that is how simple Caribbean stud gambling is. There is however one thing to bear in mind and that is that for your additional bet to be valid the dealer must have an ace/king or better and if not then your bet is returned but your ante bet wins anyway. Gambling on Caribbean stud really is easy and should be played more at online casinos.