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Can GAA sports gambling become worldwide

By mr-gambling on 2014-12-04 11:56:03

The internet has provided sports gambling fans with the opportunity to follow their favourite sports almost all year round, and online sports gambling has surged in popularity because of this. Most of our major sports no longer have a closed season from a worldwide perspective, and all our major online sports gambling sites feature gambling opportunities from all over the world. Unfortunately this is not necessarily true for the GAA sports of football and hurling, and GAA sports gambling fans do need to look elsewhere for their gambling activities at this time of year. For some reason the fact that the GAA sports are played in many parts of the world does not seem to get the publicity it deserves. There are well established Irish communities in almost every part of the world and many of them are fanatical about their national sporting heritage and have set up well supported GAA sports tournaments wherever they live. Some will find it surprising therefore that the recent announcement of a World Cup to be held in Abu Dhabi in March next year has caused such a negative reaction from some quarters. Holding a GAA sports tournament called a World Cup outside of Ireland appears to be a step too far for some GAA sports gambling fans, but supporters of the idea point out that many Irish emigrants were forced to leave their home country to find work and it is through activities such as playing the GAA sports that they are able to retain their Irish roots. They also feel that many of the objections being raised are not based on facts. Apparently the temperatures in Abu Dhabi in March for instance are usually no more than 30 degrees, and concerns about alcohol rules in the UAE are also wide of the mark. Certainly sports gambling fans who enjoy gambling on GAA sports will welcome the opportunity such a tournament will provide and we wish the organisers every success.