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A remarkable summer for tennis gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2012-10-15 10:39:41

Those of us who are sports gambling enthusiasts know only too well how difficult it can be to pick a winner, even when all the odds tell us there is a firm favourite. This summer has been a remarkable sports gambling experience for so many of us, particularly those who enjoy gambling on a variety of different sports. The big event of the summer was of course the Olympics, but there were many other remarkable achievements which those of us who prefer gambling on sports rather than casino gambling may or may not have predicted. Did we really think that Bradley Wiggins would actually win the Tour de France, and what about  the tennis season, a sport in which British and Irish players rarely achieve. Not only did Andy Murray win the gold medal at the Olympics, plus a silver medal in the mixed doubles, neither of which ardent tennis gambling fans probably predicted, but he then went on to win the US Open and become the first British winner for 76 years. How many sports fans gambling on tennis had started to think that Murray would follow the example of Tim Henman and never quite get over the line. As if Murray’s exploits were not enough for tennis gambling enthusiasts, his young Olympics mixed doubles partner, Laura Robson then went on to reach the final of a tour event for the first time, beating several major seeds on the way and this weekend Heather Watson unbelievably won the Japan Open. These are heady days for British tennis gambling fans, and for many other sports gambling enthusiasts who may have to seriously reconsider their selection processes when it comes to predicting winners of tennis matches. One thing is for certain, we’ve probably missed the best odds as far as these three tennis players are concerned.