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New casino software brings new features to slots gambling

By mr-gambling on 2017-01-03 13:17:15

It is back to work now for many people and a whole new year to look forward to which hopes will be a profitable one for the readers of these pages. Online gambling was enjoyed by many in 2016 and promises to be an outlet for many when trying to relax from the many uncertainties that surround day to day life. Gambling online takes many forms with sports gambling and online casino gambling probably being the most popular but many also take pleasure in playing bingo online or participating in online poker either in cash games or tournaments. To drive all this online gambling activity it takes an enormous amount of software and the casino software used by casino gambling is extremely sophisticated. This is borne out by the fact that there are very few casino software companies when compared to online casinos. It is relatively easy to establish an online casino these days although it must be said it is not cheap and cannot be recommended unless you know what you are doing but the fact that there is no need to write software does make it more simple than it used to be. Casino software companies employ thousands of people around the world and then they sell or lease the software to the online casinos but they are continuously updating their offering and coming up with new gambling games all the time. Some of the classic casino gambling games such as Roulette and Blackjack have not changed in years although casino software companies still come up with new twists every now and then but casino slots for example are in a continuous state of flux with new games appearing on a monthly basis. The new slots generally follow what is trendy at the time so recently slots which feature the Marvel™ comic book characters have come to the fore although the basic construction of the casino slot has not changed that much being still 5 reels usually with three symbols on each reel.

There are relatively new casino slots however that break that mould and the casino software companies have come up with the idea that all 15 symbols showing should be independent. This enables some interesting features to be incorporated into the games. One example of this can be found at a casino slot called Gonzo’s Quest™. This has been created by the casino software developer NetEnt and can be found at online casinos such as All Irish Casino, Freespins Casino and No Bonus Casino to name a few. Slots gambling where there are 15 independent symbols enables any of them to be held independently or as is the case in Gonzo’s Quest™ for any of them to be replaced. The slot has an Aztec theme to it with the explorer Gonzo in deepest Peru looking for treasure. The symbols are carved onto blocks of stone and when a winning combination is achieved those stones that form part of the win explode. Any blocks on top of the winning ones then drop down and the top ones are replaced. What is interesting however is that the initial win is banked and if the new formation results in another win then this is also banked. There is also a win multiplier which ticks over at the first win and increases the second win twofold. This whole process is repeated until no further win is achieved whereupon all wins are paid out. The win multiplier runs up to 5 times in normal play and of course there is no need to play more lines as this happens automatically. There are also wilds and freefall symbols which are basically the same as free spins. The win multiplier in freefall mode runs up to 15 times the initial win.

The independent symbol feature also enables winning symbols to be held so that instead of one reel being held juts the winning symbols are held and all others are spun again. An example of this is Jack Hammer™ which again is a casino slot by casino software developer NetEnt an can be found at the same online casinos mentioned above. For online gambling purposes Jack Hammer™ has coined the way this works as Sticky Wins™ and it goes as follows. When a win is attained all symbols in that win are held and all others are replaced to see whether that win can be improved. As the casino slot has 25 winning lines there is always a good chance that the win can be improved upon. This does not happen just once however but it continues until no improved win is achieved no matter how many spins that may take. At the end of the day the maximum wins are paid out. There are of course wilds to assist you and free spins to be had which are particularly attractive. It takes a minimum of 5 free spins symbols to take you into the free spins play mode which gets you ten free spins but more free spins are available with more than 5 free spins symbols. Interestingly the sticky win™ feature also applies to the free spins symbols so just three symbols will start you off. In free spins play mode all wins are tripled making it very lucrative and more free spins can be achieved even when in free play mode.

Slots gambling has come a long way since the original three reels and one winning line machines and thanks to the casino software companies new features such as these make online casino gambling more fun than ever. There will for sure be more new developments in 2017 and will try to keep readers up to date with what is going on but in the meantime enjoy your online gambling whichever type you choose to follow. Use the shortlists provided to find your preferred online gambling site and always gamble responsibly.