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Live casino gambling is everywhere at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2016-07-27 16:22:28

Gambling used to be done either at the local bookmaker or in a casino or in Ireland the card clubs but the internet has changed the face of gambling altogether, to such as extent that gambling online is probably more popular than either bookmakers or casinos in terms of the number of followers. Online gambling has grown as a pastime ever since it was introduced and the options are becoming increasingly greater. One of the more recent innovations is live casino but even that has been around for a number of years and it was introduced to satisfy the needs of those who either do not like the random number generators which are used in regular online casino play or those that enjoy a bit of interaction with the dealer. The take up of live casino has possibly not been as great as most online casinos would have expected or would like but there are those who play their casino games exclusively at the live casino option. Live casino gambling is no different from regular online casino gambling except for the fact that dealers are used instead of the electronic random number generator. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a good random number generator and they have been in existence for many years with possibly the first commercial use being to select the winning numbers for the UKs famous Premium Bonds back in the 50s. Online casinos use them all the time and good online casinos such as those listed at have them regularly independently checked but there are still those who have their doubts. This is particularly true when somebody is losing; they are always fine when winning. The same is probably true in an actual casino where losing players tend to suspect that the roulette table is rigged and in fact it is probably easier to fix a roulette wheel in a casino these days than it is to rig an online casino due to the legislation that surrounds online casino gambling. The live casino is of course not a real casino but rather a room which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and then staffed by attractive young people. The whole procedure is the transmitted to your computer or other device via web cams located in the room. It would not be realistic to film from an actual casino as most players would object. The nearest you can get to an actual casino in live casino play can be found at All Irish Casino where one of the two options for live casino is from a room attached to an actual casino in Malta which goes by the name of the Portomaso Casino which is the largest casino on the island. This particular live casino is only open when the casino itself is open but there is a second option which operates 24/7. The casino games played at the live casino option are somewhat limited and include Roulette, blackjack, baccarat (also known as punto banco) and Caribbean stud (also known as casino hold’em). This means that if you are a lover of craps for example then you need to stick to the regular online casino.  Each online casino has slightly different choices when it comes to live casino so for example at the aforementioned you have roulette and blackjack all the time but the table stakes vary as do the dealers. One blackjack table can have table limits from €10 to €2000 whilst another has limits from €25 to €5000 while yet another goes from €1 to €5000. Several players are playing at the same time which can make it a little slower than regular online casino play and of course there is a chat box for you but you can hear what the dealer is saying. Paddy Power casino has very similar table stakes but they also have an exclusive club for high rollers with special promotions and weekly bonuses. Ladbrokes live casino seems the only one which carries hi-lo which is the rather simple casino gambling game of guessing whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one but it can be great fun. All in all there is not that much difference between the live casino offerings except that they all use different dealers and of course if you have a favourite dealer you will need to select your casino gambling time when they are on duty as no live casino dealer works 24/7 despite the casino being open all that time.

Many people prefer casino slots gambling as the chances of winning large sums of money for very little outlay is the best but as slots do not require a dealer they are not to be found at the live casino option at any of the online casinos. One of the reasons some Irish casino players have voiced for playing at the live casino is the way in which the roulette ball sometimes reacts in the regular online casino. Even in a land based casino or in a live casino environment the roulette ball sometimes takes some strange jumps but it seems that when the random number generator is in use it happens more often. This is really not that surprising as at some stage after the winning number has been decided the ball has to arrive at a particular slot on the roulette wheel. This means that the casino gambling software has to somehow show the ball arriving and those with keen eyesight might notice that the path is not always as smooth as it might be. The thing to remember however is that the winning number has already been decided and it is merely for the satisfaction of customers that the ball is moving around. The movement of the roulette ball has no affect whatsoever on the outcome of the spin. Live casino gambling or regular online casino gambling is a personal choice and there are really no advantages one way or another.