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Red Dog gambling is fast and furious

By mr-gambling on 2016-05-26 09:45:18

There are online casino gambling games that require a certain amount of skill or knowledge but there are others where online gambling becomes a question of luck and nothing else and one of those is Red Dog. Red Dog gambling may not be familiar to everybody but it has to be the simplest gambling game of all and it is available at several of the online casinos recommended at including All Irish Casino. Gambling online at online casinos is great fun anyway but Red Dog in particular is a very fast and entertaining. The idea of the game is simple enough and it starts by the player placing an ante bet after which two cards are dealt. You now have to have the next card to be dealt falling between the first two in order to win and you can choose to raise the bet or not depending on the cards dealt. In Red Dog gambling your chances of winning will depend on the number of cards that fall between the first two and that is known as the spread and most spreads pay out at even money but to encourage you to have a go spreads of three or less will pay at better odds. An Ace is high when gambling on red dog and a deuce is low so the best hand is an Ace and a two so is almost certainly where a raise bet will be placed but winning is no certainty as the third card must not be equal to either of the first two. After a win at All Irish casino when playing Red Dog you are given the choice of withdrawing your winnings or letting them ride for another round. Although this might be considered a risky strategy it is certainly a good way to increase  your winnings. Red Dog is a true gambling game and well worth a try.