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By mr-gambling on 2016-05-12 13:20:59

Gambling online cannot be a substitute for actually attending an event such as horse racing or a football match but it does enable you to place your bets in a variety of different ways without leaving the comfort of your own home. Sports gambling and casino gambling remain the most popular forms of online gambling although there are of course alternatives such as online poker or lottery gambling but online poker in particular tends to be populated by enthusiasts who do nothing else in the online gambling world. Sports gambling and online casino gambling can sometimes be done at the same site but in the opinion of this does not necessarily optimise your online gambling experience which is why they have a top three in each category separately listed their website. The big boys in the online gambling world such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes cover all the bases but there are smaller online casinos which tend to be much friendlier and which have a fantastic range of casino games. The smaller online casinos also sometimes use different casino software which means that the casino slots on offer are a bit different from the run of the mill. has checked a few of these out and placed a couple of the good ones on the list for your consideration. These online casinos do not offer any form of sports gambling so if you want to do both forms of gambling online then you will need different accounts but as opening an account is both free and simple that is a small price to pay for having the best of both worlds. is a site that specialises in the Irish gambling market and therefore the recommendations are made with the Irish in mind but it is known that other nationalities read the pages and take up the recommendations.