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Caribbean stud gambling has a good chance of winning

By mr-gambling on 2016-04-28 12:24:54

There are many online gambling games which can also be found in the casinos around the world and the most popular casino games online are not necessarily the same as those in land based casinos. For example in America, Caribbean Stud Poker or simply Caribbean Stud is one of the first tables you will come across when entering the casino but in online casinos Caribbean stud is not played that often. This is a shame as this particular casino gambling game has one of the better chances of winning but the problem is that many Irish casino players associate it with the poker games which are screened on TV and where skill and experience play a major role. In actual fact gambling on Caribbean stud poker at online casinos has very little in common with those Texas Hold’em games on TV other than it revolves around a poker hand of five cards. When gambling on Caribbean stud you are playing against the dealer only and the stakes are controlled by you; there is no raising or bluffing. After an ante bet is placed the cards are dealt but only one of the dealers’ cards is showing and based on your own hand you decide whether to continue or not. Should you decide that the hand is worth gambling on then you place another bet which is exactly twice the ante bet and the cards are revealed. The dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand in order for your raise bet to be valid which is generally an Ace/King or better and if not then you win on your ante bet and your raise bet is returned. Interestingly enough in Caribbean stud gambling there is no requirement for the player to have a qualifying hand so you can win even with a rubbish hand as long as the dealer does not have an Ace/king or better.