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You can improve your blackjack skills

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-07 09:44:07

Gambling on Blackjack is one of those leisure activities where some people always seem to win and others always seem to lose but of course as in any casino gambling game everybody will sometimes win and everybody will sometimes lose although blackjack gambling is one casino game where you can improve your odds of winning by playing a little bit smart. The first thing to watch for when gambling on blackjack is how many decks of cards are in the game, the more decks there are then the less relevant any face up cards become for example when gambling in a single deck game you have visibility of three cards (your two and one of the dealer) and if two of those cards are of value 10 then the chances of hitting another 10 on a draw are 14 in 49 or 28.57% but gambling in a 5 deck blackjack game will increase those odds to 78 in 257 or 30.35%. This may not seem a lot but in a game of small margins anything is helpful. Blackjack gambling really is a game of probability and chance and you can find tables of how to play each hand to give you the best chance of winning but ignoring the additions of splitting, insurance, doubling and surrender it is a very simple gambling game with relatively few real decisions to be made. Blackjack hands with a total of 11 or under will always take an extra card while hands with a total of 17 or over will always stand which only leaves decisions to be taken when the total is 12 to 16 which unfortunately is around 60% of the time and this is where you should make your decision based on visible cards and chance and probability but you can also trust your gambling instincts.