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Will gambling on motor racing retain its appeal in 2015

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-02 09:31:26

We often comment that when it comes to sports gambling in Ireland it is football and horse racing which dominates the attention of sports gambling fans. The introduction of online sports gambling sites has however made a variety of other sports more accessible and there are signs that some of these so called minor sports are beginning to attract a wider gambling audience. Motor racing for example, particularly F1 motor racing has begun to attract a world-wide audience for every race and gambling on motor racing is now a major pastime during the F1 season all over the world. F1 motor racing gambling is particularly attractive to many sports gambling fans because of the comprehensive radio and television coverage it receives throughout the world, but will the recent financial problems in F1 motor racing have a negative effect on the progress which the sport has made over recent years. We already know that two teams will not be racing in the 2015 F1 calendar, and there are many reports which suggest that there will be other casualties among the smaller independent teams before the season starts. It is fair to say that most of the teams likely to be in trouble do not usually feature high in the points, but from the point of view of sports gambling fans who enjoy gambling on motor racing their presence on the grid does offer gambling opportunities apart from predicting the podium finishers. In fact during seasons like we have seen in 2014, when one team proves totally dominant, it is the possibility that one of the lesser teams can upset the odds that makes gambling on motor racing more exciting for many sports gambling fans. We are firm believers that sports gambling should include a variety of sports and sporting events, so let us hope that gambling on F1 motor racing does not lose its appeal due to lack of funding for the minor teams.