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Which poker format suits you best

By mr-gambling on 2011-06-25 14:07:27

Gamblers have been playing poker at home or in casinos for many years, and we all remember the westerns depicting straight or draw poker being played in the saloons. Nowadays, with the advent of online casinos, poker gamblers have a much wider range of poker formats available for their enjoyment. Currently the most popular variation amongst gamblers on poker is Texas Hold’em, which is a form of community card poker in which the players can form their best hand from 7 cards, of which 5 are community cards dealt face up into the middle of the table and available to all the players. The popularity of Texas Hold’em also results from the fact that the poker gamblers have five betting rounds in each hand as the community cards are dealt one at a time. All gamblers on poker who wish to get involved in the many tournaments held around the world will need to familiarise themselves with this poker format. Other popular variations of community card poker available on most online casino sites include Omaha, Red Dog and Pai Gow, and for poker gamblers not familiar with these variations, check out the rules in our poker pages. Most online poker sites also offer poker gamblers the more straightforward variations including Stud poker, normally 7 card, and Draw poker which is generally 5 card draw. Both of these formats have less betting rounds and therefore less decisions for the gambler to make on each hand, which may make them more attractive to those gamblers new to poker. Again we have detailed the rules on our poker pages, but briefly 7 card stud provides each player with 3 cards dealt face down with 4 cards face up from which to form their best hand. In Draw poker each player is dealt just 5 cards, but after the first betting round the remaining players have the chance to swap one or more of their cards to try to improve their hands. Try them all and see which you prefer.