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What now for sports gambling fans of football

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-19 08:14:18

The football season is now over, at least in our part of the world, and sports gambling fans will now be looking for something else to attract their attention. There is of course no shortage of major sporting events on the horizon quite apart from a packed horse racing calendar, so sports gambling fans should have no reason to hibernate. We have the Open golf, Wimbledon, the Ashes series for cricket fans and the continuing F1 motor racing season just to name a few, all of which offer plenty of gambling opportunities for their avid fans and sports enthusiasts in general. Irish rugby fans and indeed all British rugby fans will also be following the progress of the Lions in Australia, where gambling on rugby is huge. The absence of regular football on our television screens does however change the gambling habits of many ardent football gambling fans whose sports gambling is almost entirely devoted to football during the season. Many find it hard to follow other sports, but the availability of online casino gambling has provided an easy alternative which it appears is proving ever more popular with sports gambling fans. Reports suggest that more and more sports gambling fans are also playing casino games online, particularly when their favourite sport is out of season or between major events. Almost all the major online gambling sites now feature casino gambling on the sites as well as sports gambling, and this clearly encourages sports gambling fans to try something different. It is also noticeable that many online casino gambling sites offer a range of slots gambling games specifically targeted at sports gambling fans, with themes including horse racing,  motor racing and of course football. If you’re one of those football gambling fans who find it difficult to survive the closed season, the online gambling site operators are doing their best to encourage you to try their specialist sports gambling games so why not take a look.