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More and more of us are enjoying playing gambling games online

By mr-gambling on 2018-03-04 10:48:26

The continuing arguments about the amount of money it is possible to lose when playing gambling games on one of the fixed odds betting terminals in the high street betting shops is again ignoring the enjoyment that the majority of us get out of playing gambling games. It’s clearly true that there are a small minority of people within the gambling community who have a gambling problem, and it is also true that the gambling industry should do all they can to help those people, but we should also remember that the bookmakers who operate those betting shops also have a duty towards their employees. There is no doubt that online gambling has reduced the footfall in all our high street betting shops in the same way that online retailing has reduced in-store purchases in most of our big high street retail outlets, but do we want to lose those betting shops altogether. Some of the big bookmakers are saying that it is only the profits from the FOBT’s that are keeping their high street shops viable in the face of competition from online gambling, although it is reported that some leading bookmakers are beginning to move away from that position. One thing is certain, a cap on the maximum stakes allowable on those machines will not affect the vast majority of people who enjoying playing gambling games on those machines because most people do not gamble anywhere near the current maximum stakes, so perhaps the effects of such a cap may not be as catastrophic as some people fear. There are also a number of industry experts who are starting to believe that online gambling will inevitably lead to the demise of the traditional high street betting shop irrespective of the fate of FOBT’s, because the convenience and increased betting options provided by the online sports gambling sites will always offer a better gambling experience that visiting a high street betting shop. Time will tell whether they are right, but when it comes to playing gambling games online we do not seem to have seen anything like the same effect as we have seen with online sports gambling. When the bookmakers decided to add a few gambling games to their online sports gambling sites and began what we now refer to as online casino gambling, there is no doubt that real casino and bingo club operators in particular were probably very concerned that their businesses would suffer as a result. In the event that does not appear to have happened. The real casinos in particular are still very popular with fans of the traditional casino gambling games of roulette and blackjack, and although the attendance at bingo clubs initially suffered from the smoking ban they have recovered well and continue to be viable. The popularity of playing gambling games online is however increasing all the time, so we have to assume that online casino gambling is attracting a new fan base rather than stealing customers from the real casinos and bingo clubs. The most obvious reason for that is the huge range of gambling games that we can now play online. In the same way that online sports gambling sites have greatly increased the gambling options for their customers, the online casino gambling sites have also provided a vast range of gambling games for us to enjoy.

Clearly most online casino gambling sites still feature the popular traditional casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack, but they are also able to offer us the opportunity to play several traditional gambling games which have not previously been available at our real casinos. Traditional gambling games such as baccarat and backgammon for example are regularly available in casinos on the continent, and of course craps is one of the most popular casino gambling games in America. All of these traditional gambling games are now available at most online casino gambling sites. Bingo fans have also been well catered for at most casino gambling sites, with traditional bingo accompanied by a range of other similar numbers games. There are even specialist online bingo platforms offering bingo enthusiasts the opportunity to play their favourite gambling game 24 hours a day. Another of the more traditional gambling games which has become hugely popular since the introduction of online casino gambling is the game of poker. Here again there are now specialist online poker sites where serious poker players can try their luck against other players from all over the world. Any discussion about the gambling games featured on casino gambling sites must of course include the huge range of slots games now available online. The vast majority of the gambling games featured on almost every online casino gambling site are slots games in various forms. Almost all of us have played a slot machine at some time in our lives, so it is not really surprising that the online slots games are the most popular online gambling games of all the games featured online. It is also true that a great many of the online slots games bear no relationship to the games we used to play on a slot machine. There can be as many as five reels with multiple winning lines featured on many of the online slots games, and there are even slots games which use falling blocks rather than traditional reels. Almost every online casino gambling site now offers a huge range of different slots games and it is undoubtedly these gambling games which define whether a site is going to be successful or not. Most of the traditional casino gambling games featured online look very similar on every site, therefore the range of slots games is usually the decisive factor in our choice of which online casino site to use. The variety of slots games available on an online casino site is also totally dependent on the choice of casino software supplier made by the site operator, because all the online slots games are designed and supplied by the specialist online casino software companies.