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By mr-gambling on 2012-03-03 10:38:07

Online casino gambling now provides us with an enormous range of casino games to choose from. These vary from games which require a certain level of skill and experience, such as poker, blackjack or backgammon, to quick games with almost instant results and relying on pure luck such as the slots. When gambling on casino games, the choice of games we play will often depend on how much time we have to spend on the online casino site, but if you do decide that you want to play a fast simple game, why not try one of the many dice games that most of the major online casinos have on offer. Even the most popular casino dice games vary a little in complexity, but the easiest of all has got to be Roll’em which you can find on both the Ladbrokes’ and the Paddy Power online casino sites, in which you simply have to predict the total of the two dice. Better known to American film fans is Craps, which also uses two dice but is played on a table similar in layout to a roulette table, and allows you to bet on the total or any double. You can also select a particular double and this is what is known as ‘craps’ and gives this casino dice game its name. If you enjoy gambling on dice games, and the idea of gambling on a wider range of options, why not try Snake Eyes which is a dice game available on the Ladbrokes online casino site, and offers several total options plus Hi Lo and Odd or Even, and of course doubles. All of these casino dice games can be played for relatively low stakes and offer us the chance to play quite a lot of casino gambling games in double quick time, but even dice games can get more complicated if that is what suits you. Paddy Power for instance have a dice game which they call Miami Dice, which uses five dice and offers even more gambling options. Whether you’re a fan of the slots, or prefer the gambling options associated with roulette, there is an online casino dice game which could be just what you’re looking for, so why not click on Ladbrokes or Paddy Power and give them a try.