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Try 3 card brag as an alternative

By mr-gambling on 2012-02-08 11:46:38

3 card brag was a very popular gambling game at one time in the casinos but since the rise in popularity of poker it has rather taken a back seat which is s shame as it is a great gambling game involving bluffing and playing against other players rather than against the casino but you can still gamble on 3 card brag today at an online casino at BetFred online casino. Unfortunately the chance to gamble against other players as you would with Texas Hold’em or other poker games is no longer there but gambling against the dealer can also be fun and with just three cards it is very quick to learn. 3 card brag is one of those card gambling games where the dealer has to have a qualifying hand in order to play and in the case of 3 card brag that is at least a queen but there is also the opportunity to change cards if you don’t like what you have and the better your hand the better the odds at which you win. The quickest way to make money when gambling on 3 card brag is to play the “pairs bonus” where the odds quickly mount up with a flush paying at 4 to 1 and a run paying at 6 to 1 but this only pays out on the first three cards dealt instead of after changing cards but with a bit of luck anything can happen and a prial (three of a kind) pays a massive 40 to 1. Of course you can be more cautious in your play and not play the 3 card brag pairs bonus at all and the casino gambling game becomes similar to Caribbean Stud but most hands except a running flush and a prial will only pay even money but at least a win is a win. 3 card brag can be a lot of fun and it makes a change from regular poker so log onto BetFred and give it a go.