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There are some different casino gambling games at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2018-05-27 15:23:16

Gambling is something many people like to do mostly because they enjoy the excitement but also it is seen as a challenge to beat the bookmaker. This is particularly true of sports gambling where it is the bookmaker who sets the odds but less true of casino gambling where the odds are fixed for any particular game regardless of where it is played. From that point of view if you are playing roulette at one online casino the odds will be the same at any other online casino. This is not the case when sports gambling where odds can be quite different especially in horse racing and strangely enough in golf also. The reason for online casino gambling therefore is not to beat the bookmaker so it must be for the excitement and the challenge of actually making money although that is more a question of luck than anything else. Online gambling has introduced many casino games to many members of the public that might otherwise never have played them. We are not talking here about common casino game such as Roulette or Blackjack but more Caribbean Stud, Baccarat or Craps. Gambling online is practically the only way to experience these casino games as they are rarely found in casinos anywhere in Europe except maybe Monte Carlo.

Caribbean Stud is an interesting gambling game of cards and it is sometimes given the full name of Caribbean Stud Poker although it bears little resemblance to the poker that can be seen on TV which is Texas Hold’em. It is possibly calling it poker that puts many Irish casino players off as they envisage themselves being taken to the cleaners by a better, more experienced player but Caribbean Stud is not played against other players so that cannot happen. Another fear is that stakes will be raised beyond where a player feels comfortable but once again Caribbean Stud gambling is different as the only people who can raise the stakes are the player themselves. This means that on every hand you know what your maximum liability is. Caribbean Stud is however a poker game in which you have to form a five card poker hand but unlike some poker games there is no changing of cards or raising. The game starts with the player placing a single bet known as the Ante. The size of this bet determines the maximum liability of the player. Five cards are then dealt to the player and five to the dealer although only one of the dealer’s cards is visible. Based on what can be seen the player has two options which are to fold or to play which is called to call. If the player folds the ante bet is lost and the hand finishes but if the player decides to call a further bet is placed which is equal to twice the original ante bet. Your maximum exposure therefore is never more than three times your ante bet. After the call bet is placed the remaining four dealer cards are revealed and whoever has the better poker hand wins. It is not quite that simple however as in order for the dealer to accept the call bet he/she must have what is called a qualifying hand which is an Ace and King or better. If that does not happen then your cal bet is returned but your ante bet is still paid at even money. If the dealer does have a qualifying hand then the hands are compared. It is possible for the player to win more than even money with a better hand. For example it is quite common for a winning hand containing two pairs to pay out at odds of two to one and three of a kind to pay out at three to one. This applies to your call bet only as the ante bet will only ever pay at even money but that means that you can never lose more than three times your ante bet but you can win more.

Baccarat gambling is a very strange online casino game which for some reason is seen as a very sophisticated card game but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a very simple casino gambling game of luck and nothing else. There are only two hands dealt in Baccarat which are often referred to as the player and the bank and there are only three possible bets which are for either hand to win or for it to be tie. When gambling on Baccarat it is possible to bet that the bank will win which is unusual but even stranger is that the dealer plays both hands. Baccarat has got to be the only casino gambling card game where there is nothing for the player to do except place a bet and wait and see what happens. This might sound strange but in actual fact the rules surrounding when to draw a card or to stand are so clear that there is no room for any discretion on the part of the dealer. This is what makes it such an ideal online casino game as the programming is quite simple. Initially players may be confused by the counting of the value of a hand in Baccarat but you will soon get used to it as all that happens is that when a hand reaches over 10 then 10 is deducted. For example a two card hand containing two sixes should be a total of twelve but actually it counts as two. A four and a five however still count as nine.

Gambling online at the craps table is a different experience. Craps is of course a dice game and once again can be very confusing to start with. It is a little difficult to explain in brief so recommends that you read the rules on your online casino site. The good thing about Craps is that there are simple bets which can get you started and you can develop from there as you start to master what is going on.