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There are only three possible bets when gambling on Baccarat

By mr-gambling on 2011-04-14 12:26:49

There can be very few gambling card games where you do not need to understand the rules or the play of the cards to be able to make a profit but Baccarat is one such card game. There are also very few card games that you can play without actually making any decisions about the cards but when gambling on Baccarat that is exactly what happens as in fact the dealer plays both hands which are dealt. Baccarat sounds like a confusing gambling game and indeed at first glance you will probably not be able to make head nor tail of what is going on but gambling on Baccarat could not be simpler. There are only two hands of cards dealt, one is called the bank and the other is called the player and you gamble on which hand will win or you can place a bet on a tie, those are the only three possible bets. The dealer plays both hands according to very strict rules which are explained in detail on our baccarat pages under the heading “casino” which we recommend that you read although as already stated you can play without knowing what is going on. The counting and valuation of cards is also very different from any other card gambling game but it is fairly easy to understand once you have seen a few hands played. Baccarat gambling is a question of pure luck, there is no strategy involved. The bank will win more often than the player but to compensate for that a 5% deduction will be made from any winning bet placed on the bankers hand but even with that your chances of making a profit are as good as most other places in the casino. Gambling on baccarat is very fast and if you enjoy a pure gambling game it can be great fun.