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There are many different poker gambling games online

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-25 09:53:30

Those of us who follow the fortunes of the major gambling companies on the Stock Exchange and read their quarterly financial statements with interest will be very aware of the influence that internet gambling has had on the gambling scene in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. Online sports gambling and casino gambling now makes up a significant proportion of the annual revenues of all the major gambling businesses, with online casino gambling showing the biggest growth. Whilst it appears that most new casino gamblers start with the slots because they do not require any experience, many quickly move on to more traditional gambling games with poker a particular favourite. There is something about the idea of gambling on poker that appeals to many new online gamblers, even though they have little or no experience of poker gambling. The danger is that many will dive head first into gambling on the more risky poker formats such as Texas Hold’em, particularly when it is played on one of the online poker forums against fellow poker gamblers who may have vastly more experience of poker gambling, and this can quickly lead to disenchantment with poker in general. The best way to begin learning about gambling on poker is to take advantage of being able to play many different poker formats which are now available at most of the online casino gambling sites. Absolute beginners can start by playing the simpler poker games such as Draw Poker or Stud Poker, both of which can be played against the house and for reasonable stakes. Some poker gambling experts will of course tell you that the excitement of gambling on poker is mainly due to the higher risk associated with the multiple betting rounds found in community card poker such as Texas Hold’em, and this may be true, but there are other poker formats which use community cards. Omaha poker, Red Dog and Pai Gow all use community cards and can be played against the house so why not give one of them a try.