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The tennis gambling season is drawing to a close

By mr-gambling on 2015-10-21 12:24:40

As we have often commented Irish sports gambling fans follow a wide range of sports, particularly since online sports gambling became widely accessible. Clearly horse racing and football remain the favourites, but there are many other sports such as rugby and golf in which Irish competitors have been successful and which also attract a great deal of attention from Irish sports gambling fans. However it does no harm occasionally to look at potential gambling opportunities offered by some of the sports which do not usually attract the same sort of following. Tennis is a prime example of a sport played and watched all over the world, but the number of people gambling on tennis in Ireland is very small. There are of course unfortunately no Irish players anywhere near the top of the tennis rankings which clearly effects the level of interest, but it has to be said that tennis gambling does offer excellent opportunities for in-play gambling which many sports gambling enthusiasts now prefer. At this time of year of course the professional tennis season is coming to an end, but tennis gambling fans still have some major events to watch as the season draws to a close. First up on the 2nd November we have the final ATP World Tour Masters tournament in Paris, featuring all the top ranked players seeking to gain one of the remaining places in the ATP World Finals in London later in the month. Real fans of gambling on tennis will know that reaching the World Finals is one of the prime objectives of all the top players in the men’s game, and represents just reward for success over the whole season. This year tennis gambling fans are also looking forward to the Davis Cup Final starting on the 27th November, and with this year’s final featuring Belgium and Great Britain one of these countries will win the Davis Cup for the first time in a very long time.