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The name Sic Bo is enough to put most people off

By mr-gambling on 2011-09-01 11:27:44

The name is enough to put anybody off but in actual fact Sic Bo is a great gambling game originating in China and in fact still played in some casinos in Asia. The game in China is played around a very brightly lit board and as it provides the opportunity for many people to gamble at the same time it can become very noisy indeed but of course the online casino version is much more sedate and you can play at your own pace. At first sight the board on which Sic Bo is played looks very complicated but that is simply because all the gambling options are there and as Sic Bo is played with three dice there are a number of possible outcomes but they are all in simple order. The other good thing about gambling on Sic Bo is that you can choose your own risk and reward strategy either by gambling on an unlikely outcome such as triple 6 which pays very high odds (up to 180:1) or by going high/low which is 10 and under or over 10 with some minor exceptions. If you prefer you can restrict your gambling to single numbers 1 through 6 and the more often your backed number comes up in the three dice thrown the more are your winnings. As the result of the three dice can be anything between 4 and 17 you can also be gambling on the exact outcome and each number has its own odds depending on the likelihood of that total being thrown. You will notice that we omitted the numbers 3 and 18 as there is only one possible combination of dice that will result in each of these and that is three 1s or three 6s and gambling on these outcomes is only possible by placing bets on the three of a kind section of the board. Sic Bo is fun dice game of pure luck but not many online casinos offer it any more.