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The casino gambling game of Sic Bo is interesting

By mr-gambling on 2015-04-14 14:26:47

One sure fire thing about online casinos is that are going to find online gambling games that you have never heard of and one of those is probably Sic Bo. Sic Bo is dice gambling game which originated as so many other gambling games in China and although it looks very complicated at first glance it is in fact very straightforward to play. The good thing about Sic Bo gambling is that there are many bets possible which vary from low risk low reward to high risk high reward and in a similar way to roulette gambling when gambling on Sic Bo you can place multiple bets. The game of sic Bo involves forecasting the result of three dice which as you can work out must be somewhere between 3 and 18 but there are many other bets which can be placed as well as picking a single number for the total. The simple low risk bets are low or high where low is 4 to 10 and high is 11 to 17. In Sic Bo gambling a total of three or a total of 18 must be three of a kind and as such does not pay out as a low or high number. You can of course bet on three of a kind coming up or for even higher odds place a bet on which three of a kind. Sic Bo gambling has many options and for an online casino gambler can be a lot of fun. The Sic Bo board will probably at first seem very complicated but that is only because all the possible bets are laid out and it will only take a few games to figure it out. Gambling on Sic Bo also has a fair chance of winning and the odds for each result are comparable to roulette gambling.