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The card game Red Dog is a question of pure luck

By mr-gambling on 2011-05-12 09:08:03

The great thing about online casinos is the choice of gambling games that is available which means you have a choice of games requiring skill or strategy and those that are a question of pure luck such as the card game Red Dog. Red Dog also goes under the name of “Acey Deucy” or “In between” but the game is the same. In online red dog gambling you start the game by placing an ante bet which can be anything within the table limits and then click the deal button after which the first two of three cards will be dealt. To win the hand at red dog your third card must be of a value which lies in between the values of your first two cards so clearly your chances of winning will be better if your first two cards are far apart in value; in fact the best two cards in red dog are an Ace (which is always high in red dog) and a Deuce. After looking at your first two cards you have a choice of whether to double your stake or just leave it as it is; to double your stake click the raise button or to simply play on click the deal button. There are two exceptions to this and they are when the first two red dog cards are such that there can be no third card that goes between them such as a jack and a queen or when both cards are the same value such as two sixes. In the case of two adjacent cards the red dog hand is declared a push or a tie and you get your ante back with no further cards being dealt; in the case of a pair being dealt the third card will be dealt automatically and if the third card is again of equal value you will get paid at odds of 11:1 but if not the hand is a push and you get your ante back. Most red dog hands pay out at odds of 1:1 but if there are only three cards or less that fit between you your first two you will receive better odds. Play free red dog for a few hands at Party casino or Ladbrokes casino to get the hang of the game but gambling on red dog is very quick and pure luck and can be quite exciting.