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Sports gambling fans also fall into two categories

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-03 11:25:23

Here at we often discuss the fact that casino gambling enthusiasts generally fall into two categories, namely those who prefer to play gambling games which require an element of skill and those who simply want the quick hit they get from gambling on the slots. A similar comparison can probably be made when it comes to sports gambling fans, who also tend to fall into two distinct groups. Many sports gambling fans will stick to gambling only on their favourite sport, made easier in the modern era where most professional sports do not seem to have a closed season and the power of television that ensures that almost any sport is available from somewhere in the world all year round. Other fans of sports gambling may follow a variety of sports, but tend to concentrate on the headline events and the major tournaments. This form of sports gambling appeals most to those of us who enjoy watching and following any sport, and obviously requires a greater spread of sporting knowledge, but it also means that there may be periods when there is nothing on. Take golf for example, a sport which has a very long season for specialist golf gambling fans, but only four or sometimes five major events in the season. Fans of gambling on golf, of whom there are now many in Ireland because of the recent success of Irish golfers, have enjoyed the Masters from Augusta in April but now have to wait until July before the next Major tournament on the 2013 calendar, the British Open from Muirfield. Those sports gambling fans who prefer to gamble solely on the headline events of a variety of sports will not be selecting a potential golf major winner for at least ten weeks.