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Software makes the difference when online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2019-05-14 13:57:41

Gambling online has become very normal in recent years with more and more people signing up for an account at one of the many sites on offer. In the sports gambling sector it is normal for potential customers to look at the big players only and in fact it is usually only the big players that offer a complete range of sports gambling but when it comes to casino gambling there is plenty of good competition. The reason for this is actually quite simple and concerns software. Online gambling of any sort requires software and sports gambling companies such as Paddy Power have armies of people engaged in doing nothing else as do Bet365, Ladbrokes and others. They are all trying to gain a competitive edge by making the software easier to use and of course creating new features. Only recently, for example, has the “cash out” option been created. In casino gambling, however, the situation is quite different in that none of the online casinos write their own casino software, not even the larger companies such as Paddy Power. Casino software writing and creation is the hands of specialist companies the largest of which are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech although there are plenty of other smaller companies who are equally good at creating casino games. There are, though, far more online casinos than there are casino software companies with the natural result that there is overlap in casino games between online casinos.

Unlike in sports gambling there is the situation in casino gambling where exactly the same casino slots are available at different online casinos right down to the name itself. This has advantages and disadvantages to both players and the online casinos. For example when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, which are the ones with jackpots in excess of a million Euro, the more online casinos carrying the slot the faster the jackpot will build. This is because the jackpot builds up by taking a very small amount from every spin regardless of which online casino is being used so the more online casinos there are carrying the game the more spins there will be in any given time. The casino software company is also responsible for managing the jackpot and paying it out when it is won. This in turn accounts for why online casinos seem very happy when one of their players hits a huge jackpot when you might expect them to be upset at losing so much money. The truth is that they can reap all the benefits of adverting the fact that a player has won a huge amount but it is the casino software company which is actually paying out.

Another effect of this overlap can be found when casinos try to differentiate themselves. In sports gambling online gambling companies can differentiate themselves with their software but online casinos cannot so they need to think of something else. Some of the big ones simply rely on their name and customer overlap from their online sports gambling sites to gain new customers but just because they have a good sports gambling site does not mean they have a better online casino. The most normal way to attract new players to an online casino gambling site is to offer a bonus. In sports gambling this would be a free bet but in casino gambling it is more usual to offer to match the first deposit of the new player. This means that if the new player deposits €100 then the casino will give them another €100. This sounds great but it is not quite as straightforward as it appears. The €100 casino bonus money can be used to play casino games but neither it nor any winnings from it can be withdrawn until certain conditions have been met. These conditions generally are that the bonus money must have been staked 40 times on certain casino games which is designed to give the casino maximum opportunity to win back the bonus money before it need be paid out. There is nothing inherently wrong or underhand with this type of bonus but it definitely pays to know about these restrictions to avoid disappointment later.

There is an interesting alternative to this type of bonus at No Bonus Casino which is right up there in the top three according to The name rather gives it away but this online gambling casino does not give a bonus to anyone but instead operates a cash back system. It might seem strange for an online casino to give money back to players that lose but that is what happens. At No Bonus Casino if a player makes a deposit into their casino account and manages to lose the entire deposit on the same day it was made then 10% will be refunded the very next day. There is no need to make lengthy claims as it happens automatically. There are a couple more excellent features of this promotion such as the fact that there are no restrictions on which games can be played; if you lose that is sufficient to trigger the cash back. In addition, this is not an offer for new players only, the same offer is available to every player on every deposit made into their account so even if you have been playing for years the offer is there. Possibly the most important bit about the cash back is that it really is cash. You can often read on sports gambling sites about cash back being in the form of a free bet which is not really cash back at all but this online gambling casino site does give cash. The cash back earned appears directly into your playing account which means it is there for you to do anything you like with. If you want to use it for further spins on your favourite slot then do so but if you want to remove it from your account for whatever reason that can be done as well. This reallt is cash back and it is at No Bonus Casino.