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Sic Bo is an ideal gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2011-05-04 12:04:57

One of the casino games that we list and feature on our site is Sic Bo and despite the rather unusual and not particularly enticing name the game of Sic Bo is both easy to play and requires no strategy or skill making it an ideal gambling game. Sic Bo gambling is simply predicting the result of the throwing of three dice and although the game board looks complicated the layout is fairly straightforward and the complexity is only brought about by the fact that all possible bets are covered on the board. We recommend that you read our Sic Bo page to fully understand all the bets that can be placed but what makes gambling on Sic Bo attractive is that you can choose your own risk and reward strategy by gambling on high probability or low probability combinations. For example you can gamble on three of a kind coming up which does not happen often but it pays out at high odds when it does or you can simply gamble on a high or a low number which is nearly a 50/50 bet but only pays even money. There are even cumulative bets that can be placed on single numbers whereby if two come up you win more than if only one comes up. As casino gambling games go the casino margin or house edge is small which means that the casino gambler stands a better chance of winning than in many casino games which is probably why Sic Bo is so popular in China and other Asian countries. In an online casino it can be played for very small stakes thus providing lots of entertainment for a modest outlay and you might even win, Try free Sic Bo first to get the hang of the game but you will soon pick it up.