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Sic Bo gambling is something different

By mr-gambling on 2013-08-21 14:47:53

When casino gambling took to the internet it opened a whole range of new gambling possibilities that were hitherto restricted to their home countries and one of those is the ancient Chinese gambling game of Sic Bo. The Chinese people as we know love their gambling and Sic Bo being a simple game with three dice has been popular for many years. Gambling on Sic Bo may at first seem very complicated as the table used shows all the possible betting but once it is explained it is surprisingly straight forward. There are four rows of possible bets on the Sic Bo table and each one is explained on the Sic Bo gambling page here at but for example on the top row in the far right and left hand corners are the simplest of bets which are “Big “and “Small” with small being a total of the three dice anywhere between 4 and 10 and big being anywhere between 11 and 17. Actually when gambling on Sic Bo the term anywhere between is not strictly accurate as triples such as 3,3,3 which is 9 in total will not win the “small” bet, any other combination of the three dice totalling 9 will win the bet. The reason for this is that triples are a different bet paying much higher odds (incidentally also can be found on the top row of the Sic Bo table). On the second row of the Sic Bo gambling table you can find the more specific totals of the three dice and the payout will depend on the likelihood of the number coming up within the range of 6: 1 right up to 62:1 and on this row triples do count as win so for example triple 5 will win as the number 15. As you can see there are lots of chances in Sic Bo gambling so you can choose between a low risk low reward gamble or a high risk high reward gamble or anything in between. Sic BO is a great gambling game.