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Should GAA sports gambling be more widely available

By mr-gambling on 2015-03-23 13:47:03

One of the most exciting aspects of the introduction of online sports gambling is the opportunity to follow most of our favourite sports all year round, rather than being limited to our home seasons. Football in particular has worldwide coverage, as have rugby, cricket and tennis to a lesser extent but unfortunately that does not appear to apply to all sports. We find it surprising that despite gambling on the GAA sports being so popular in Ireland, the already relatively short seasons for GAA football and hurling are not extended by coverage of games outside the country. There are huge numbers of Irish expats established all over the world, and many run their own GAA sports leagues as well as following what is happening at home. With modern technology gambling on GAA football and hurling could be even more popular if coverage on the internet was established. There is no doubt that sports gambling fans in Ireland are lucky to have the unique gambling opportunities presented by our GAA sports at home, but are we too protective of these exclusive sports. There are other sports played across the world with similar limited coverage outside the home country, with American football as a prime example until recently. The Americans have however now realised the potential for expanding the appeal of their version of football and the sport is rapidly gaining followers on this side of the Atlantic. Should we be trying to emulate that success with our GAA sports or are we happy to be the only country in the world with the opportunity to follow and enjoy gambling on GAA football and hurling. In the meantime congratulations to All Ireland football club champions Corofin, and All Ireland hurling club champions Ballyhale on their success this year.